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Get The Prosecutor On Your Side

Trying To Get A Co-Worker To Notice You? You Might Be Stalking Them

Douglas Thompson

Pursuing a romance with a co-worker is always a difficult process, particularly if the person fails to notice you. However, you may end up behaving in a way that makes that person feel threatened or stalked. If they bring up a lawsuit against you, it is important to know what you were doing and how you can change to avoid this problem.

You May Have Been Stalking Without Realizing It

If you have a crush on a co-worker and are trying to get them to notice you, there is a chance that you could be exhibiting stalking behaviors. Following them around, making repeated phone calls to their home, sending them letters, emails, and more may be easily considered stalking behavior by the person. This fact is particularly true if your attention is unwanted.

Your intentions may be pure, and you may not have been trying to intimidate them. However, the fact remains that they were uncomfortable and in a very difficult situation. As a result, you may end up being on the wrong end of a stalking criminal lawsuit. Even worse, you could be in serious legal trouble.

A Growing Number Of People Are Prosecuting These Cases

If you are concerned that you may have behaved in a way that was similar to stalking, it is critical to take steps to stop acting in this way. Reach out to the person and apologize for behaving inappropriately.

Failure to do so could end up allowing them to build up a very strong case of stalking against you. And if they do start pursuing a lawsuit, your case will vary depending on the state in which the crimes were committed.

Defending Yourself In This Case

If you unknowingly behaved in a way that was constituted as stalking and somebody is bringing a criminal case against you, there are a few ways you can defend yourself. The most obvious way is to showcase that you were not a threat to that person or made no attempt to threaten them. When pursuing a stalking case, some plaintiffs forget this critical element.

That's because many states make a threat or creating fear an element of a stalking case. If you were simply behaving in a way that was somewhat inappropriate or which could easily be corrected, a court of law is less likely to convict you. However, if you ever made a threat against that person or tried to hurt them, then you could be in trouble.

So if you find a co-worker or an ex-coworker is bringing up charges of stalking against you and you believe you are innocent, talk to a criminal law attorney today. These legal specialists can help you find a way to beat your rap and avoid serious punishment.