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Get The Prosecutor On Your Side

6 Things You Don't Want To Do If You're In Need Of A Bail Bond

Douglas Thompson

Dealing with an arrest can be a very scary and costly experience. You need to keep your calm and make the best possible decisions to minimize the damages of the situation. Unfortunately, arrested individuals often make decisions after their arrest that worsen the situation they're in. You can handle your arrest by knowing what not to do when you need a bail bond to be released from jail.

The following are six things you don't want to do if you're in need of a bail bond.

1. Contacting a bondsman before you're aware of your bail amount

Depending on what you've been arrested for, you may not necessarily need to provide bail. Make sure you've verified with the detention officer or judge in charge of your situation whether you need bail and how much bail you need to provide. You may be limited in terms of how many phone calls you get when you've been detained in relation to a criminal charge. Therefore, you need to know all the details before you make your call. 

2. Waiting too long to contact a bail bondsman

Getting out of jail as soon as possible is important for building your legal defense when you've been arrested for a crime. Remember that you could compromise your professional position and fail to meet personal responsibilities if you remain detained rather than posting bond. It's generally best to contact a bondsman and get out of jail as soon as you are able to minimize the consequences of your arrest. 

3. Not discussing your situation with detention officers

Many times, detention officers are helpful in providing recommendations on bail bondsmen who may be able to help you in your situation. If you don't know what to do, request some information from a detention officer who is helpful and has worked with bail companies in the past. 

4. Being unaware of your bail agent's license number

One important detail that you may want to make note of when you work with a bail bondsman is what the bail agent's license number is. Working with a licensed agent is always important. Having a license number can help you and your attorney to locate and communicate with the bondsman easily in the future should it become necessary.

5. Assuming you can only contact a bail bondsman during business hours

A lot of bail bondsmen make themselves available to clients around the clock. Arrests can happen at any time, so bondsmen tend to work outside of normal business hours.

6. Making rash decisions

Being arrested is inevitably a harrowing experience. However, you need to make sound decisions to minimize both the impact the situation will have on your life and the expenses you'll have to incur as a result of the arrest.

Make sure you're thinking things through carefully. Ideally, you should discuss your actions with a company like Alpha Omega Bail Bonds to make the best possible decisions during this difficult time.