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Get The Prosecutor On Your Side

Three Things You Should Never Do If You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident

Douglas Thompson

Life is not always a matter of knowing what to do. Rather, it's a matter of knowing the things you should avoid doing, such as things that can create problems for you or make matters worse than they already are. This applies to a traffic accident as well. The following are a few important things to avoid doing if you are injured in an auto accident.

Don't drive away if you are injured

If you have been hurt, even if the injury is only slight, you need to call the police. Do not drive away. Obviously, if the injury is severe, this will not be an issue. But if the injury is something that you may want to see a doctor about, you need the police to fill out a report. The injury may not be severe enough to call the paramedics, but the injury needs to be documented. It is possible that later you will find out that you were hurt worse than you originally thought. After an accident, your adrenaline will be flowing, and it is quite possible that you will not be aware of the extent of your injuries.

Don't neglect medical attention

Once you have called the police and they are finished with their investigation, you will need to see a doctor. It is not enough to have it noted on a police report. Seeking medical attention in a timely manner will indicate that your injury was serious enough to warrant the attention of a doctor. If your injuries are not deemed serious by a doctor, that is all right because at least you sought a doctor. If a health problem later manifests itself that was related to the accident, you will have a record of seeking medical attention. Doctors can miss something when they examine you, and the pain you feel from an injury may not surface for a day or two. An auto accident attorney will have an easier time representing you if you seek medical attention.

Don't admit fault

When the police officer arrives, just stick to the facts as you understand. The party at fault will not be determined at the scene of the accident. You may admit guilt only to find out later that you were not at fault. In some cases, more than one driver can be at fault. If you admit guilt, this can hurt your case later. You should also avoid getting into a confrontation with another driver or passenger from another car. There is nothing to gain from this. The only thing you should do, if possible, is to see if others have been injured and call 911.

If you can avoid doing the things listed above, you will prevent further problems and have a stronger case for your attorney when you seek compensation for your injuries.