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Get The Prosecutor On Your Side

How A Securities Lawyer Can Help You Recover Money Invested In Municipal Bonds When You Suspect Fraud

Douglas Thompson

Investing in municipal bonds seems like a safe bet. You are (almost) never taxed on the interest you earn on your investment, and you can generally assume that a city or state government would be unlikely to commit fraud against citizens who invest in their communities. However, politics and greed often go hand in hand, and it's possible that you may end up losing money on these bonds while simultaneously suspecting fraud. Here is how you can utilize the services of a securities attorney to find out if you are in danger of fraud and what you can do about it. 

Investigating the Office of the Municipality from Which You Bought the Bonds

When municipalities sell these bonds to investors, they have to keep adequate records regarding what they sold, how much they sold and received, and the contracts they have with the investors. Doctoring the bond contracts in any way after the sale is fraud. Not having the records or hiding the records from the view of your lawyer hints at shadier dealings. Your securities lawyer can look into this situation, either through hiring a private detective, or by legally enforcing the Rights to Public Records Act, which allows citizens to view records that should be public or records that can be made public on demand with the permission of all involved parties. 

Finding out Where the Money Goes

Municipality bonds are sold with the intent of using the money investors give in trade for the bonds as money for construction of government buildings, development of government property, payment for services needed by the governing body, and infrastructure. Your lawyer can track down through records kept by the city to find where your particular monies went after you bought the bonds. If your lawyer cannot find where the money went, or if the money went to things not applicable to the purpose of municipal bonds, you have a reasonably strong case for suing the city and getting your money back when you do not make any money or see your investment returned to you. 

Opening a Fraud Case

Your securities attorney can open a fraud case against the city, naming parties that would or might know enough about this situation. It is also possible that he/she would start a multi-party legal action if other investors come forward claiming that they were also victims of what they feel is fraud by the city/state government. It may take a long time to pursue this case, but the securities lawyer can help you along the way. For more information, contact a company like Carter West Law firm.