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Get The Prosecutor On Your Side

Seemingly Innocent Actions That Can Negatively Impact A Personal Injury Case

Douglas Thompson

If you are ever injured due to the negligence of someone else, you might want to seek compensation. Individuals who have never had to go through the process of getting compensated for their injuries can make a number of mistakes. These things can negatively impact the outcome of their cases. It is possible for them to receive significantly fewer damages when mistakes are made. Some of the things that individuals do may seem like they are harmless because they are everyday activities. However, it is possible that prying eyes or legalities can be used to question the validity of claims. The following points are a few things that seem harmless on the "surface" but could cause issues.

Social Media Posts

Many individuals these days use social media to stay in contact with their friends and family. They may also use these platforms to post updates about life events. Individuals who have are involved in personal injury cases or plan to be should not make posts about the incident. This includes making posts about how they are feeling and injuries. Some injury victims make the mistake of posting photographs of their injuries and of their receiving medical treatment. Incidents such as car accidents might also get posted. These photos could be used by insurance companies and at-fault parties. Even if your social media profiles are not visible to the public, a judge could approve a request for posts or photos and allow them as evidence.

Statements and Discussions

Injury victims should be wary of statements. This includes written and verbal statements. Some insurance companies call victims to gather information. They may make it seem as though it is important and needed to expedite the case. However, the insurance company may use the information gathered to decide on a settlement offer. Phone conversations are usually recorded. Face-to-face conversations may also be recorded or documented by hand. 

Signed Documents

Another tactic insurance companies may use is to coerce injury victims into signing statements. Signing the documents, which may contain information that could result in a lower payment is viewed as legally binding. The same is true in regards to signing settlement offers. There is usually not an option to renegotiate once signed and accepted.

A personal injury attorney is a good resource to use to learn more about activities and actions that could be used against you and negatively impact your case. They can ensure that you do not sign any documents that might be viewed as admissions. You can also rely on them to speak on your behalf.

Reach out to a local personal injury lawyer if you think you have an injury case.